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Planned Giving

A Living Legacy of Commitment

You may also choose to make a planned gift to AAPOR, or include the association as a beneficiary in your will. Planned giving allows you to keep your values alive and active through the workings of the association after you’re gone. It allows you to make a substantial donation to AAPOR now without depleting your day-to-day income or retirement assets.


We envision…

… that Transparency becomes the standard when reporting public opinion and survey research results.

… that AAPOR education programs, white papers and educational partnerships become the respected and sought-after resource for our professional audience.

…that travel awards each year will assist students who are the future of our profession to attend the AAPOR annual conference.

…that our annual conferences will feature noted speakers and luminaries in the field to give our members the finest in professional education, and that members requiring financial assistance to attend can receive it.

…that AAPOR will grow and thrive as an organization, have the ability to support our members and facilitate the sharing of research, theory and practice in public opinion and survey research.

You can make these dreams come true with a planned gift to AAPOR!

As a longtime member of AAPOR, I have always considered it my professional home. I have made a bequest in my will to ensure that the special blend of collegiality, integrity, transparency and intellectual sharing that defines AAPOR, continues well into the future.  -Diane M. O'Rourke

What is planned giving?

A planned gift is any major gift, made during one’s lifetime or at death as part of a donor’s overall financial and/or estate planning.  Maybe you have heard of the AAPOR Burns “Bud” Roper Award.  The Roper Award Fund is an example of a planned gift to help establish a legacy and pave the way for future public opinion research professionals.

Planned GivingPlanned giving allows you to keep your values alive and active through the workings of the association after you’re gone. It allows you to make a substantial donation to AAPOR now without depleting your day-to-day income or retirement assets. Plus, you may be able to enjoy substantial tax advantages and add flexibility to your financial planning.
Your planned gift will ensure AAPOR’s future, as well as help support research, professional education and the development of resources to help prepare the next generation of public opinion and survey research professionals.
Your donation will help AAPOR grow stronger in the future.

How can I give to AAPOR?

There are a number of ways in which you can make a gift to AAPOR.

Many of our members have the desire to contribute and leave a legacy, but may feel like they lack the means.  Fortunately, AAPOR can accept many different types of gifts that might not readily come to mind.  Consider the following alternatives when thinking about how to leave your mark in your professional home.

Legacy in your Will

  • Percentage — This method provides the most flexibility, since the gift fluctuates according to the size of the estate.
  • Fixed Amount — The most common way to make a bequest is to leave a fixed amount.
  • Residuary — This is what is left after all other debts, taxes, expenses and other bequests have been fulfilled.

Life Insurance — Gift an existing or new life insurance policy; this type of gift has several variations.

Stocks, bonds or IRA — Gifts of stocks, bonds or an IRA have potential tax-saving benefits.

Download and complete one of these forms:

  • If you want to learn more about our Planned Giving program, complete the Notice of Interest form.
  • If you want to inform AAPOR of a bequest that you have already made, complete the Notice of Gift form.

Prior to making any gift or pledge, we encourage you to speak with your financial advisor or estate planning attorney about your specific situation and plans. For more information about making a planned gift, please contact Executive Director Tristanne Staudt at tstaudt@aapor.org.

“AAPOR is in my will because it has been, and continues to be, central to my professional development and career, as well as to the development and careers of many of my former students and former employees.  But even more than that, it is what I consider to be the noble spirit of AAPOR – constantly striving to gain and freely sharing new research-based knowledge – that is a primary goal to which I have chosen to aspire.  In addition, I want to financially support the vital work AAPOR does to educate professionals, and through them to accomplish AAPOR’s mission to help empower citizens with an informed voice in influencing decisions that affect their daily lives within our democracy.”
- Paul J. Lavrakas


Living Legacy Circle

A community of givers and supporters of AAPOR’s legacy

To show our gratitude, all donors who make arrangements to support AAPOR through a planned gift are invited to join the Living Legacy Circle and will be recognized in an annual Honor Roll on our website and during our annual conference (unless anonymity is requested). Members of the Living Legacy Circle also receive a certificate of appreciation, invitations to occasional special events, and the gratitude of the students and professionals in AAPOR who will benefit from your generosity.

Already have AAPOR in your will or estate plan? Contact Headquarters at info@aapor.org to let us know of your planned gift; you can be added to our Living Legacy Circle.