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American Association for Public Opinion Research

A Meeting Place and More

In 1992, AAPOR published A Meeting Place: A History of the American Association for Public Opinion Research. It was edited by Paul B. Sheatsley and Warren J. Mitofsky.

28 years later, AAPOR is updating that history with A Meeting Place and More…, edited by Tom W. Smith.

View the entire book or skip straight to specific chapters using the links below:

  1. Introduction - Tom W. Smith
  2. The Diffusion of an Innovation: Survey Research, 1936-2018 - Tom W. Smith
  3. Three Decades of Advancing Survey Methodology - Don A. Dillman
  4. Technology - Reg Baker
  5. Public Opinion and Survey Research Data Archives - Lois Timms-Ferrara and Marc Maynard
  6. AAPOR and the Polls: Guidance and Defense, But Also Criticism - Kathleen A. Frankovic
  7. Government Relations - Craig A. Hill and Cynthia R. Bland
  8. What is AAPOR? The Annual Conference! ‘Linking Us Together: Professionally, Personally, Intellectually and Socially’ - Janice M. Ballou
  9. Recognizing Achievement and Remembering Gratefully: AAPOR Awards - Jeff Hackett
  10. AAPOR’s Journals - Peter V. Miller
  11. The Management of AAPOR, 1990 to the Present - Scott Keeter,
  12. AAPOR’s Standards Committee, 1990-2020 - Timothy P. Johnson
  13. Membership and Chapter Relations - Morgan Earp and Adam Safir
  14. Communications Committee - Jennifer Hunter Childs
  15. AAPOR’s Task Force and Ad Hoc Committee Reports - Rob Daves
  16. Education - Melissa Herrmann


Reg Baker, Consultant
Janice M. Ballou, Rutgers University, Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling (Retired); Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. (Retired)
Cynthia R. Bland, RTI International
Jennifer Hunter Childs, U.S. Census Bureau
Rob Daves, Daves & Associates Research
Don A. Dillman, Department of Sociology and the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center, Washington State University
Morgan Earp, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Kathleen A. Frankovic, Election and Polling Consultant
Jeff Hackett, NORC at the University of Chicago
Melissa J. Herrmann, SSRS
Craig A. Hill, RTI International
Timothy P. Johnson, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Chicago; Senior Fellow, NORC at the University of Chicago
Scott Keeter, Pew Research Center
Marc Maynard, Data Independence LLC
Peter V. Miller, Northwestern University and U.S. Census Bureau (Retired)
Adam Safir, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Tom W. Smith, NORC at the University of Chicago
Lois Timms-Ferrara, Data Independence LLC