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"Back in the Olden Days"

"Back in the Olden Days" is an audio recording of the highly entertaining and enlightening history roundtable at 1985 AAPOR conference with survey research luminaries Bud Roper (who played excerpts of interviews taped in the 1970s with George Gallup Sr. and Archibald Crossley), Herb Hyman, Hal Mendelsohn, Don Cahalan, Dick Baxter and Paul Sheatsley. 

Also included are questions posed by "the kids" on the panel, played by Evans Witt, Sheldon Gawiser, Nancy Belden and Luane Kohnke-Aguirre; with comments from audience members Jack Elinson, Joe Belden, Helen Crossley and others. Hear wonderfully told stories about Paul Lazarsfeld, Elmo Roper and other public opinion research pioneers. Stories include exploits at early AAPOR conferences (including one that shared a hotel with a meeting of chimpanzee owners - and their chimps).