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Committees and Taskforces

Interested in serving on one of our committees or taskforces? Click here to volunteer.

Learn more about how AAPOR manages its committees, ad hoc committees and task forces.

AAPOR Executive Council

Paul Beatty - President
Jennifer Agiesta - Vice President
Patricia Moy - Past President

Communications Committee

Yazmin Garcia Trejo - Communications Chair
Aleia Clark Fobia - Associate Communications Chair

Conference Committee

Brady T. West - Conference Chair
Allyson Holbrook - Associate Conference Chair

Education Committee

James Wagner - Education Chair
Michael Delli Carpini - Associate Education Chair

Inclusion & Equity Committee

Ana Gonzalez-Barrera - Inclusion And Equity Committee Chair
Rodney Terry - Inclusion And Equity Committee Associate Chair

Membership & Chapter Relations Committee

Heather Ridolfo  - Membership & Chapter Relations Chair
Jerry Timbrook - Associate Membership & Chapter Relations Chair

Nominations Committee

Patricia Moy, Chair

Standards Committee

Marjorie Connelly - Standards Chair
Cameron McPhee - Associate Standards Chair


Liz Hamel
Ricki Jarmon
AlisĂș Schoua-Glusberg

AAPOR Awards Committees

AAPOR Award for Exceptionally Distinguished Achievement Committee
AAPOR Public Service Award Committee
Book Award Committee
Burns "Bud" Roper Fellow Award Committee
Inclusive Voices Award Committee
Innovators Award Committee
Monroe G. Sirken Award Committee
Policy Impact Award Committee
Seymour Sudman Paper Award Committee
Student Conference Award Committee
WAPOR/AAPOR Janet A. Harkness Student Paper Award Committee
Warren J. Mitofsky Innovators Award Committee

AAPOR Publications

JSSAM Advisory Committee
Gina K. Walejko, Co-Chair AAPOR
Rebecca R. Andridge, Co-Chair ASA

POQ Advisory Committee
Frederick Conrad – Chair
Survey Practice Advisory Committee
Aleia Clark Fobia, Chair


Communications: Social Media Subcommittee
Melissa Cidade, Chair
Communications: Website Subcommittee
Paul Schroeder, Chair 

Conference: Abstract Review Subcommittee
Conference: Local Events Subcommittee

Education: Diversity Subcommittee
Elizabeth Allen - Chair
Education: History Subcommittee
Kenneth M. Winneg - Chair
Education: Journalist Education Subcommittee
Aimee Vella Ripley - Chair
Education: Online Education Subcommittee
Florian Keusch - Chair
Education: Short Course Subcommittee
Douglas B. Currivan - Chair

Finance: Sponsorship Committee
Darby Steiger, Chair 
IEC: Outreach
Rodney Terry, Chair
IEC: Affinity Groups
Luis Tipan, Chair
IEC: Metrics and Accountability
Joe Murphy, Chair
IEC: Culture and Communication
Sara Walsh, Chair
IEC: Awards and Nominations
Anna Sandoval, Chair
IEC: Learning and Professional Development
Kara Fitzgibbon, Chair

Membership: Chapter Liaison and Support Subcommittee
Paul Scanlon - Chair

Membership: Database Subcommittee
Morgan Earp - Chair

Membership: Roper and Student Travel Award Subcommittee
Chase H. Harrison - Chair
Membership: Survey and Data Analysis Subcommittee
Gregory Holyk - Chair
Membership: Volunteer Coordination Subcommittee
Jerry Timbrook - Chair
Membership: Welcoming Committee
Erin Fordyce, Co-Chair
Jonathan Katz, Co- Chair 

Standards: Standard Definitions Subcommittee
Ned English – Chair
Transparency Initiative Coordinating Committee
Jennifer Benz, Co-Chair
Krista Jenkins, Co-Chair 

AAPOR Ad-hoc Committees And Task Forces

Ad-Hoc Committee on Publisher Options
Ad Hoc Committee on Governance of AAPOR's Journals
Task Force for Online Panels 
Ad-Hoc Committee on Standards To Review And Provide Guidance On CTIA Text Messaging Recommendations