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The leading association
of public opinion and
survey research professionals
American Association for Public Opinion Research

Who We Are

Founded in 1947, the American Association for Public Opinion Research is the leading association of public opinion and survey research professionals.

The AAPOR community includes producers and users of survey data from a variety of disciplines. Our members span a range of interests including election polling, market research, statistics, research methodology, health related data collection and education.

Membership in AAPOR is all about opportunity – the opportunity to learn from a diverse group of leaders in the survey and public opinion research field, the opportunity to network and exchange knowledge and the opportunity to improve how survey research is conducted and disseminated.

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Code of Ethics
All AAPOR members sign the Code of Professional Ethics and Practice, pledging to maintain high standards of scientific competence and integrity in conducting, analyzing and reporting not only the results of their research but the methods behind them. Much of AAPOR's work is focused on developing and promoting resources that help researchers meet these demanding, but vital standards.

Together we:

  • Promote best practices in collecting, analyzing and interpreting survey data
  • Educate practitioners on new developments affecting our field, and help policy makers and the public make better use of surveys and survey findings
  • Advocate the highest standards of ethical conduct
  • Encourage and disseminate research and innovations that improve our methods
“My membership in AAPOR is vital in maintaining regular contact with our professional colleagues
from around the nation and in keeping up to date with the latest developments
in public opinion and survey research.”
– Jon Cohen, Survey Monkey
“I became a member of AAPOR more than 20 years ago, primarily to advance my own career. I CONTINUE to be a member of AAPOR to help advance the survey and public opinion research field.”
– Robert Santos, The Urban Institute
"The exchange and collegiality among AAPOR members builds a certain synergy that advances research and professional development in the areas of survey and public opinion. That is why AAPOR is my professional home."
– Nancy Mathiowetz, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee