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Strategic Plan

AAPOR2025 is a decade-long initiative to help define the future for AAPOR as an association of members united around a common set of interests.  The cornerstone is the AAPOR2025 Strategic Vision, which provides forward-looking guidance for the long-term strategic thinking of the association over the next decade. Consistent with our mission and goals, the AAPOR2025 Strategic Vision serves as a statement on the character and purpose of AAPOR in the year 2025 with the hope of ensuring that our organization remains vibrant, prominent, and relevant for future generations of members.

Developed by a task force established by AAPOR Executive Council in December 2013, the document reflects the views and opinions of a wide range of members and focuses on several critical areas:

  • upholding our shared common values and member diversity across multiple dimensions;
  • embracing new ways of conceptualizing and measuring “opinions” while maintaining our focus on scientific rigor and transparency;
  • serving members at all career stages through professional development and education;
  • advocating and educating the public, news media, decision-makers and other on the importance of quality measurement and need to support organizations critical to our field; and,
  • embracing a true global leadership role in our industry.

Download the AAPOR2025 Strategic Vision.


In issues of AAPOR News, AAPOR Past-President Michael Link will focused on a different aspect of the AAPOR2025 Strategic Vision.

More specific actions to meet the AAPOR2025 and other association goals are contained in AAPOR’s Strategic Plan, which serves as a short- to mid-term blueprint for Council, committee and task force activities. The most current version of this plan was updated by the 2013-14 AAPOR Executive Council.

Comments on AAPOR2025 and the Strategic Plan are welcome. Please email comments with the subject line: AAPOR2025.

Download the 2013-14 AAPOR Strategic Plan.