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Harkness Student Paper Information/Process

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The World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) and the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) request submissions to be considered for the Janet A. Harkness Student Paper Award, as part of the program for WAPOR’s annual conference in 2022. This award is given in memory of Dr. Harkness, distinguished cross-cultural survey methodologist, who passed away in 2012. 
Paper topics must be related to the study of multi-national/multi-cultural/multi-lingual survey research (aka 3M survey research), or to the theory and methods of 3M survey research, including statistics and statistical techniques used in such research. Paper topics might include: (a) methodological and/or statistical issues in 3M surveys; (b) public opinion in 3M settings; (c) theoretical issues in the formation, quality, or change in 3M public opinion; and/or (d) substantive findings about 3M public opinion.
The winning paper will be announced at the WAPOR annual conference, which will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates November 10-13, 2022. The lead author of the paper will deliver it as part of the conference program. In addition to a $750 award, the conference registration fee will be waived. In addition, one or more papers may receive an Honorable Mention designation.
Eligibility. All authors of any submission must be current students (graduate or undergraduate) at the time of the submission or must have received their degree during the 2021 calendar year. The research must have been substantially completed while all authors were enrolled in a degree program. Judges will give preference to papers based on research not presented elsewhere or previously published.

  1. Submit your full paper to the WAPOR office at renae@wapor.org by June 21, 2022. Entries are typically 15-25 pages long (not including the title page, abstract, tables, references and appendices).

  2. Each submission must include a cover page that:

    1. Includes each author's name, telephone number, and email address;

    2. Explains why all authors meet the eligibility criteria;

    3. States whether the paper has been presented elsewhere, published or accepted for publication at the time of submission.

  3. Also, by the deadline for submission, a faculty advisor must email the award committee chair, attesting to the role that all authors played in conceptualizing the study and writing the paper.

Judging. A panel of researchers from WAPOR’s and AAPOR’s memberships–drawn from the academic, government, and commercial sectors–will judge submissions. Competitors will be notified of a decision by mid-August. The committee reserves the right not to give an award.