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Policy Impact Nomination Information/Process

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The AAPOR Policy Impact Award was developed to recognize research that has had a demonstrable impact on policy. The award is given to outstanding research projects, data, or data products that had a clear impact on policy decisions or public discussion of policies. The data developed or used could be public opinion surveys, other population surveys conducted for research, or a research study; the research could be augmented with administrative data or other similar data sets. The research could be conducted by organizations or individuals in the public or private sectors; the research is expected to meet the standards of AAPOR’s Code, when those standards are relevant.
The nomination period for the 2023 Policy Impact Award is now is now open. Submissions will be accepted from July 1, 2022 until January 15, 2023 at 11:59 pm ET.
Eligible nominees: Eligible nominees include research projects, or key products of research projects including a research data set or data products that have directly influenced policy decisions or shaped public discussions of those policy decisions. Routine evaluation studies designed solely to assess efficacy of a program fall outside the scope of the award. The award is usually given to the research organization or group or researcher(s) responsible for the research. The researcher(s) involved need not be members of AAPOR.
Who may nominate: Any member of AAPOR may make a nomination via this nomination form. The research product nominated may result from their own work or that of others.
Criteria for evaluation: The principal criterion is demonstrable impact on policy, which may be immediate or require some time to pass. Impact can be demonstrated in many ways, for example, use by policy makers to formulate the need for policy or the content of specific policies, by reference in testimony, or access by the public, or in other ways. The committee may also weigh how central the research, data set, or data product was in shaping the policy; the scope of the policy; number of people affected by the policy; the number who use the research or resource; innovativeness of methods used in the research; or other relevant criteria. Nominators should review the list of previous award winners for examples that fall within the scope of the award. In most cases, we expect the project will have been completed within the past five years or so.
The nomination information must include the sections listed. Nominations will be considered only if they are complete and clear.