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COVID-19 Workshop Series

COVID-19 Changes to Research Practices Workshop Series


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, AAPOR’s members and organizations have been facing new issues over the last few months – and looking into the foreseeable future – that we have never faced before. When our 2020 annual conference was forced to move to a virtual format, AAPORites missed out on opportunities to engage with each other about the challenges and opportunities that we, as a field, are facing and new data collection efforts.

Within this context, the COVID-19 Changes to Research Practices Workshop Series of 90-minute virtual workshops will encourage conversations about the current issues facing our field. The workshops will have a mix of presentations from the panelists and moderated discussion time among attendees and panelists. 

If you were unable to attend these workshops, you can still acess the important information and discussion.

You can access purchased recordings on the My Webinars page. 

Upcoming Workshops

Additional topics and speakers are in the works. If you have an idea to include as part of this conversation series, please contact Kristen Olson.

Past Workshops

Changes to Qualitative Research | 12/10/20

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AlisĂș Schoua-Glusberg 
– Research Support Services Inc. 
AlisĂș Schoua-Glusberg has provided qualitative and quantitative research services over the past 35 years to government, non-profit and corporate clients focusing on research with minorities, immigrants and hard-to-reach populations, both domestically and internationally. She is a Senior Research Methodologist (trained as cultural/linguistic anthropologist) and has directed survey operations at NORC, Harvard Medical School and IMPAQ International, before founding RSS. She is an experienced qualitative researcher and has conducted and analyzed hundreds of cognitive interviews for the Census Bureau, NCHS and the U.S. Department of Education. Since 2013 she has directed nine task orders for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on barriers and facilitators to HIV prevention, treatment and care, in particular for minority populations, studies that consisted of in-depth interviews and qualitative analysis. In the past six months she has worked with federal agencies and other clients to migrate data collection from in-person to remote methodologies.

Kathleen Kephart – U.S. Census Bureau
Kathleen Kephart is a Research Mathematical Statistician with the Center for Behavioral Science Methods (CBSM) at the U.S. Census Bureau. She has been a researcher with the U.S. Census Bureau for over 11 years. Previously, Kathleen worked in the decennial directorate for the 2010 Census as well as in the demographic survey directorate on multiple federal surveys. She has worked on address frame quality, questionnaire design and evaluation, usability testing, cross-cultural survey design, and the Census Bureau Planning Database, a publicly available tool that provides information for survey planning purposes. Currently, Kathleen regularly works with other federal agencies to conduct pretesting of federal surveys. Her current research interests include improving household rostering techniques, optimization of cognitive interview probes, and field training for cross-cultural interviews. Kathleen received a B.A. in Mathematics from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN in 2007 and a M.S. in Survey Research and Methodology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2009. 

Paul Scanlon – National Center for Healthcare Statistics
Paul Scanlon is a senior survey methodologist in the Division of Research and Methodology at the National Center for Health Statistics, where he also serves as Primary Investigator for the Research and Development Survey program. He has been with NCHS since 2012, and prior to that worked in the American Community Survey Office at the Census Bureau and the Statistical and Science Policy Office at OMB. His research focuses on mixed method and cross-cultural approaches to uncovering and eliminating measurement error, in particular the development and use of web probing methodology. He has a PhD in anthropology from the University of Georgia.

Darby Steiger – Westat
Darby Steiger is a Senior Survey Methodologist at Westat and is an expert in questionnaire design, focus groups and cognitive testing. She holds two Master’s degrees in survey methodology and public policy from the University of Michigan. After 15 years as a senior methodologist at Gallup, Darby joined Westat in 2012 as a senior survey methodologist in their IDEA Services Unit. She specializes in designing, redesigning and testing complex federal surveys to help improve response rates and data quality in today’s evolving survey environment, with a focus on conducting research on sensitive topics. Darby serves on the Executive Council of AAPOR and lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

Moderator: Rachel Caspar – RTI International

Changes to Field Operations  | 11/13/20

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Dave Hunter 
– RTI International
David Hunter is a program director in the Survey Research Division at RTI International, where he has worked for 23 years. His educational background is in experimental psychology and survey methodology. His primary role is serving as the project director for the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). The NSDUH is an ongoing nationwide household survey that provides national, state, and substate estimates of tobacco use, alcohol use, illicit drug use, nonmedical use of prescription drugs, prevalence of mental illness, substance abuse treatment use, and mental health care and services use.

Jodie Smylie – NORC at the University of Chicago
Jodie Smylie is a Senior Research Director in the Economics, Justice, and Society Department at NORC at the University of Chicago. She has over 15 years of experience in social science research and survey management. She has expertise in the management of in-person household surveys, establishment surveys, and multi-mode surveys for both large- and small-scale studies, providing leadership and specialized support throughout all phases of her research projects, in areas including overall project oversight, schedule and financial management, staff and client relations, survey protocol development, questionnaire design, staff training, data collection, data quality assurance, data delivery, and data analysis. Smylie is NORC’s Project Director of Survey Management for the General Social Survey, the National Congregations Study, and the National Survey of Religious Leaders. Smylie is active in presenting methodological research, and has presented on a variety of topics at conferences such as American Association for Public Opinion Research, the International Field Directors and Technology Conference, and the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) Conference.

Wendy Hicks – Westat
Wendy Hicks, PMP, is an Associate Director of Westat’s Survey Operations Group with 20+ years of experience in survey design and operations, as well as methodological research and evaluation. As a project director, Wendy examines project tasks from a data user’s perspective, facilitating the collection of timely, relevant, and useful data with operations that are practical for the schedule, budget and overall context of the survey. Prior to joining Westat in 2007, she worked for the U.S. Census Bureau. Wendy has a BS from Vanderbilt University and an MS in Survey Methodology from the Joint Program in Survey Methodology.

Stephanie Chardoul – University of Michigan Survey Research Center
Stephanie Chardoul is the Director of Survey Research Operations (SRO) at the University of Michigan’s Survey Research Center. Stephanie has 30 years of experience in all phases of survey research. During her tenure at SRC, she has been the Manager of the Survey Services Laboratory (telephone facility), Senior Survey Director, Director of the Project Design and Management Group (project managers and directors), and Director of Proposals (new project intake and design). Her substantive interests include cross-cultural survey methods, building survey research infrastructure, and mental health. Stephanie has been a member of the Data Collection Coordinating Centre for the long-running World Mental Health Survey Initiative (30+ countries, since 1999), and is the Director of the WHO Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI) Training Centre. As SRO Director, Stephanie leads a department of 170 full-time staff and up to 1000 interviewers across the U.S., conducting data collection across all modes and technologies.

Moderator: Kristen Olson – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Transitioning CATI to Remote Interviewing | 10/23/20

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Eran Ben-Porath – SSRS
Eran Ben-Porath is Executive Vice President and Chief Research Director at SSRS, a full-service survey research firm specializing in social science research, public policy and hard-to-reach populations. He manages dozens of surveys a year, overseeing sampling, weighting, questionnaire design and data collection using multiple modes. His clients include academic researchers, foundations and news organizations. Eran holds a PhD in communication from the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to becoming a survey methodologist, Eran was a television news producer in Israel. 

John Stevenson – University of Wisconsin Survey Center
John Stevenson has served as the Associate Director of the University of Wisconsin Survey Center in Madison, Wisconsin since 1999. John was named MAPOR fellow in 2017 and has more than 30 years of experience in survey research. Prior to joining UWSC, he worked for CBS News and The New York Times, as a research consultant for the New York City Criminal Justice Agency, and for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources conducting phone surveys, mail surveys and analyzing data for policy makers.

Lindsey Witt-Swanson – Bureau of Sociological Research, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Lindsey Witt-Swanson has been with the Bureau of Sociological Research (BOSR) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for nine years. As the Associate Director, Lindsey assists clients and researchers with their research and evaluation projects, ensures that BOSR is utilizing the most up-to-date methods and knowledgeable of changes in the field, oversees BOSR’s staff of 125 employees, and is responsible for BOSR’s financial health and growth. Lindsey currently serves as the co-treasurer for the International Field Directors and Technologies Conference (IFD&TC) and on the Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research (MAPOR) Executive Council. Lindsey has been a member of AAPOR and MAPOR since joining BOSR. Lindsey received her BA in Political Science at Creighton University and her MS in Survey Research and Methodology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Jenny Kelly – NORC at the University of Chicago
Jenny Kelly has worked in survey research for over three decades, first in the government sector with the Australian Bureau of Statistics, then market research with ACNielsen, and in not for profit with NORC at the University of Chicago. She led the NSW Statistical consultancy unit for the ABS, the Government and Social research unit for ACNielsen Australia, and is currently VP overseeing all NORC’s contact centers. She has degrees in both psychology and econometrics, and has worked in every aspect of survey research including design and methodology, sampling and analysis, client services and operations for all survey modes.  

Moderator: Anna Wiencrot – NORC at the University of Chicago