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Is Survey Research Covered by the Do Not Call Rules?

Is Survey Research Covered by the Do Not Call Rules?


No, it isn't. The national Do Not Call Registry was established by the Federal Trade Commission in June 2003 to meet the requirements of the Do Not Call Implementation Act. The law made it illegal for telemarketers to call consumers with whom they did not have a prior business  relationship.

The FTC exempted survey and opinion research because it is a critical part of making and monitoring policy decisions. Researchers collect and measure public opinion and feed it into the policy process so that the views and values of the citizenry have a place at the table when
decisions are made.

Survey research is used in a variety of ways, from providing us with the Census to tracking immunizations. Research gives elected officials a reality check, and can protect against policy decisions based only on assumptions, guesswork and ideology.

Although survey firms are exempt, most do maintain internal do-not-call lists.