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Establishment Survey Researcher Affinity (ESRA) Group

The Establishment Survey Researcher Affinity (ESRA) Group is an official AAPOR Affinity group. The purpose of the ESRA Group is to provide a community of scholarship for those engaged in survey research where the unit of analysis is other than an individual or a household. This could include institutions – like businesses, schools, and hospitals – as well as official records and other non-human sources of data. This group is intended to include researchers from all aspects of establishment survey design, and will hold semi-regular conversations about the current state of the field, innovative research in the works, and discussions about the future of this kind of surveying.  

Guiding Principles:
  • Provides a space for establishment survey researchers to collaborate, interact, and support each other's work;
  • Moving the field forward in a way that is accessible and welcoming;
  • Making efforts to reach out to early career scholars in order to build a more robust pipeline of researchers in this field.
If you are interested in joining the ESRA Group, or for more information, please contact Melissa Cidade at melissa.cidade@census.gov