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The leading association
of public opinion and
survey research professionals
American Association for Public Opinion Research

New York (NYAAPOR)

NYAAPOR is a thriving intellectual community of people engaged in methods, applications and findings from public opinion research. Comprised of people involved in both academic and commercial research, NYAAPOR offers members and the research community at large an opportunity to discuss and debate methodological, ethical and substantive issues related to a broad range of research topics.

A variety of programs are offered during the year – some are afternoon workshops on practical issues such as sampling or graphic interpretation of data, while others are evening panel presentations on timely and topical issues. Election years bring notable political and media pollsters as well as campaign managers for an inside look at American political trends. Toward the end of the calendar year, NYAAPOR sponsors a holiday party to celebrate the season’s events.

For more information about NYAAPOR please visit: http://www.nyaapor.org/

Or contact Rosemarie Sharpe, NYAAPOR Secretariat.