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AAPOR Approves Long Term Diversity Report and Implementation Plan

The AAPOR Executive Council enthusiastically and unanimously adopted the final report and implementation plan on diversity at its March 23 meeting.  
The report reaffirms and deepens AAPOR’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. The implementation plan outlines an ambitious seven-point strategy to increase diversity within the organization and establishes timelines for accomplishing those goals. Taken together, the steps detailed in the plan mark a major step forward in the organization’s efforts to represent all members of the AAPOR community.
Some highlights from the plan include:
  • A renewed focus on comprehensive data collection about AAPOR members and the profession
  • The development of leadership development programs including fellowship programs and proactive university outreach
  • Making diversity a seamless part of the fabric of AAPOR
Dianne Rucinski will lead the Diversity Coordinating Committee (DCC). The committee will hold its first meeting at the May Conference.  The DCC, like the Transparency Initiative Coordinating Committee, is charged with ensuring that the implementation plan continues to move forward and that AAPOR achieves the goals set by Council.
If you have comments, or would like more detailed information about the plan or the Diversity Coordinating Committee; or are interested in being involved please contact AAPOR Executive Director Adam Thocher.