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Student and Early Career Corner

by Justine Bulgar-Medina, MCR Student and Early Career Subcommittee Chair
Greetings to all of the Student and Early Career (SEC) AAPOR members and conference attendees. We are excited to be getting closer to this year’s conference in New Orleans, Louisiana! As we approach the big event there are some important events and information we want you to know about.

We are offering roommate matching again this year! We know that lodging expenses can be hefty for SEC members and attendees. If you would like to find someone to share a room with, or to find out more about roommate matching please contact Justine Bulgar-Medina ([email protected]).

This year we will have a number of special events specifically for SEC members and attendees! On Thursday May 18, we will be hosting an off-site luncheon. If you need someone to sit with at dinner on Thursday night, we will have tables set aside for SEC members and attendees. On Friday night, we are excited to host an off-site dinner followed by a Pub Crawl that will take us to some of the hottest spots in town!

SEC members and attendees are also encouraged to sign up for ResearchHack 3.0. It is a great way to network with more established AAPOR members and flex those research skills you’ve been waiting to show off.
The SEC committee will be running a focus group on Saturday morning this year. Come share your thoughts on how we can help make our annual conference a better experience for SEC attendees. We don’t get many opportunities to be a participant in our research! Don’t miss out!

Don’t forget to follow the conference on Twitter! #AAPOR @AAPOR

You can also connect with us on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/publicopinionSEC

If you have any questions about getting the most out of being an SEC AAPOR member, please contact Justine Bulgar-Medina ([email protected]).