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April 2016

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by Mollyann Brodie, President
We are just a few weeks from AAPOR’s Annual Conference in Austin, TX (May 12-15th) and I know all of us are busy preparing for a great week of learning, sharing, and socializing with our colleagues. As part of my own preparation for the conference and giving this year’s Presidential Address, I recently finished reading ALL (yes, all) the past presidential addresses. Those of you who know me know that I am THAT kind of person ­– the kind who needs to read them all to make sure I didn’t miss anything!
by David Dutwin, Conference Chair
It has been a year unlike no other in the world of survey and public opinion research. New data gathering and analytical techniques continue to grow and develop at breakneck speed. The TCPA has impacted all who conduct telephone research. Perhaps the most interesting primary season on record has pollsters busier than ever. Shifting public sentiment on a range of issues are evolving quickly in an ever changing world. Challenges in measurement arise as the world gets ever more complex, and new opportunities to mine administrative and other big data open new paths of measurement. Given so many developments in so many corners of our field, what is a survey researcher to do?
Is AAPOR 2016 in Austin, TX your first time at the conference? Are you not sure what to expect? Or do you just want more information on AAPOR2016 and Austin itself? The Student and Early Career Engagement Subcommittee has just what you need: The Guide for New Attendees
Use the guide to find student and early career professional-specific activities at the conference and decide what the best ways for you to network at the conference are. The guide can help you decide that!  Need help making the most of your trip to Austin? The guide has information just for you!
by Michael Link, Past President
The AAPOR 2016-2017 Executive Council election closed on April 2 and approximately 32 percent of eligible AAPOR members voted, including first-time participation by our student members. 
by Kristen Olson, MCR Chair
May is a big month for AAPOR – the annual conference AND lots of opportunities for new volunteers to get involved with AAPOR!Getting ready for May – Volunteer!
by Tim Johnson, Chair, Transparency Initiative Coordinating Committee
Our Coordinating Committee continues to build and develop AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative. We recently completed a TI member survey to learn more about what participating organizations think about their involvement. We were pleased with members’ overall positive reactions to the Transparency Initiative. This month, we’re sharing some of the many favorable comments that were volunteered by some of those respondents. The full survey results will be released at the AAPOR conference in May.