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August 2022

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by Paul Beatty, President
Last fall, when the announcement was made that AAPOR was transitioning to self-management, several members reached out to me expressing enthusiasm for the decision.  I was intrigued that they generally categorized this as going "back to basics"—returning AAPOR to the way things had been before we had hired professional management companies to support our day-to-day operations. 
by Brady West, Conference Chair
In 2022, AAPOR celebrated coming together for our first in-person conference since 2019, and we challenged ourselves with disrupting public opinion research in the pursuit of equity and inclusion. In 2023, we will maintain this spirit but shift our focus to building collaborative partnerships and working together to face the challenges discussed in Chicago. Collaboration and partnership is crucial for high-quality public opinion research and being able to hear all voices from the communities that we are measuring. Survey and public opinion researchers bring myriad technical skills to the table, but only when they build close working relationships with community partners and substantive experts does the most impactful research emerge. For the 2023 conference theme, we will be recognizing the importance of careful public opinion research to collaborative science, and reflecting on the importance of collaboration to gaining knowledge.
by Allyson Holbrook, Editor-in-Chief
Journal Citation Reports recently released journal impact factors and rankings for 2021. Public Opinion Quarterly’s 2-year impact factor increased to 4.616 (from 4.154 in 2020). The journal’s 5-year impact factor also increased to 6.198 (from 5.431) and the journal continued to be ranked in the top quartile in communications journals (16 of 94), political science (18 or 187) and interdisciplinary social science (13 of 111).
The Establishment Survey Researcher Affinity (ESRA) Group is an official AAPOR Affinity group. The purpose of the ESRA Group is to provide a community of scholarship for those engaged in survey research where the unit of analysis is other than an individual or a household. This could include institutions – like businesses, schools, and hospitals – as well as official records and other non-human sources of data. 
Have you met Gerson Morales, Survey Statistician for Office of Statistical Methods and Research at the US Energy Information Administration? Learn more about Gerson and his AAPOR experience.