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February 2017

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by Roger Tourangeau, President
Much of AAPOR’s activities take place behind the scenes.  For example, AAPOR currently has four task forces operating—one on the future of telephone interviewing, one on election polling, one of the survey climate, and one on data falsification.  In this month’s newsletter, I’d like to update you on the work of these task forces, and also bring you some news about the association’s very successful fundraising efforts in the last year.  I think you’ll agree that there’s a lot of hard work going on!
by Jennifer Dykema, 2017 Conference Chair
People often say “a picture paints a thousand words.” In the case of this word cloud, generated using the titles of abstracts accepted for presentation at the 2017 conference, the words paint a picture; one that echoes the conference theme and visualizes the range and diversity of topics to be discussed in May.
ResearchHack (RH) is AAPOR’s very own version of the hackathon, originated by software companies to foster collaboration and innovation. The focus of RH 3.0 will be the U.S. Census Bureau’s Planning Database (PDB), which provides selected 2010 Census and American Community Survey demographic and socioeconomic estimates at various levels of geography and includes area-level Low Response Score (LRS) estimates. Hackers will be asked to identify possible uses of the PDB in survey research and develop a framework for user-friendly tools/apps to facilitate using the PDB.
by Mollyann Brodie, Past President and Nominations Committee Chair
On February 15, the newest slate of candidates for AAPOR’s Executive Council will be released to the membership in advance of voting which begins in early March. I am following a new tradition established last year by Michael Link to ensure transparency and continuity by providing you all a step by step look at how the nominations process unfolded this year.  Given the importance of this process to our organization, I think it’s important that everyone understand how it works.
by Anna Wiencrot, Membership and Chapter Relations Committee Chair, and Morgan Earp, Associate Membership and Chapter Relations Committee Chair
Membership and Chapter Relations Q&A with Dr. Frauke Kreuter
Frauke Kreuter is a German sociologist and statistician who works as a professor and Director of the Joint Program in Survey Methodology of the University of Maryland, College Park. She also holds a professorship at the University of Mannheim, and is Head of the Statistical Methods Research Department at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) in Nuremberg, Germany. Her research in survey methodology includes work on sampling error and observational error.
by Ashley Hyon, PANJAAPOR President
Thanks to all the hard work of our fantastic board the Pennsylvania/New Jersey chapter of AAPOR (PANJAAPOR) continues to grow stronger each year by having yet another record high turnout for our December event featuring Gary Langer of Langer Research.  The event was held at Princeton University where there was a half hour of refreshments and networking followed by Gary providing a post mortem analysis of the election.  All in all we had ~60 folks attend with almost half being non-members. 
As Editor in Chief at Gallup, Frank Newport operates at the intersection of polling and journalism. In addition to serving as the president of AAPOR 2010-2011, Newport co-chaired the Task Force on Public Opinion and Leadership with Robert Shapiro from November 2010 to September 2013. The task force studied how leaders can use data on public opinion in their policymaking, concluding, in Newport’s words, “The public is actually smarter than you think they are . . . they make rational decisions and public opinion can be and should be valuable.”
by Sarah Cho, Education Committee Chair and Brady West, Education Committee Associate Chair
We have lots of exciting news in the world of AAPOR education!
Registration for the annual conference and short courses are officially open, and the following seven short courses will be offered at the May conference:
by Ashley Kirzinger and Tim Triplett, TICC Co-Chairs
AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative committee members are busy conducting current members’ biennial reviews.  At this year’s AAPOR conference the TI committee will set up a table in the exhibit hall with the goal of recruiting new members and catching up with existing members.  The TI will also have a full panel presentation on Friday May 19 from 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM at this year’s conference. As part of our continued outreach, we would like to focus on one of our charter members – Langer Research Associates – who joined the TI in November 2014.
ResearchHack (RH) is AAPOR’s very own version of the hackathon, originated by software companies to foster collaboration and innovation. 
As an association, AAPOR is monitoring issues that have the potential to impact our discipline. AAPOR has co-signed, with many other scholarly and professional societies, a statement written by the American Association for the Advancement of Science in opposition to the recent executive order on immigration. You can find the letter here.
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