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October 2020

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by Dan Merkle, President
AAPOR has been busy this election season providing resources related to polling and the election and is in the middle of holding some of its own voting related to AAPOR’s governance and policies.
by Kristen Olson, AAPOR Conference Chair
It’s fall! Leaves are turning from green to red, orange, yellow and brown; pumpkin spice-flavored drinks and food are everywhere; and AAPOR is now accepting abstracts for the 2021 AAPOR Annual Conference. We are seeking abstracts for a variety of submission types—our traditional papers, methodological briefs, posters, and panels—and we have introduced two new session types: professional development and career advice sessions and round tables. Abstract submissions are open through Friday, November 13, 2020, at 11:59 PM.
by Alian Kasabian
Grab your chisels—we are making a change! Or at least that is Tamara Terry’s method for getting through obstacles, and she is passionate about inclusion and equity. Not in an abstract way, but in a putting-in-the-effort, leading-the-charge, and building-teams-to-make-things-happen kind of way. 
by Ned English, 2019-20 MAPOR President
MAPOR has been busy so far during 2020 with a number of different activities. We are building up to our 45th annual conference November 20 and 21, which will be virtual this year instead of at the Embassy Suites as usual. One advantage of being virtual will be to accommodate folks who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend due to travel, expense, or scheduling conflicts. Our Conference Chair, Sara Walsh, and the rest of the MAPOR Conference Committee have been hard at work assembling a very exciting and high-quality program following our theme, “Why Representation Matters.”