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AAPOR 71st Annual Conference Update

by David Dutwin, 2016 Conference Chair and Jen Dykema, Associate Conference Chair

“So David, I hear you are the 2016 Conference Chair.”
“Wow, that must be a TON of work!  Good luck!”

If I had a nickel for every time this conversation has repeated itself, well, I guess I could probably buy at least one candy bar (there are only so many AAPOR members, after all!). But yes, indeed, we have all been very hard at work preparing for the 2016 Conference, and I must say, with every development and decision made, I get more and more excited about what we have in store for attendees!
Someone once said it takes a village (supposedly she is running for President!), and when it comes to conferences, it is absolutely true. Members of the Education, Communication, and Membership and Chapter Relations Committees have all been putting significant effort into creating a fabulous 2016 Conference….not to mention the work of the Conference Support Committee. We even created a local Austin committee of AAPOR members who live in the area. The amount of dedication and effort all of these folks have put forward has been humbling.

But there is still much work to be done! We visited Austin in July, and while the hotel is not a resort/destination-style hotel aka the Diplomat of 2015, it is excellent, and located right in the heart of the city. Our Austin team has made great recommendations as to how to best experience the city and we will be sure to provide you their suggestions as the conference approaches. 
Our conference theme is “Reshaping the Research Landscape: Public Opinion and Data Science.” This theme is meant to highlight the extent to which the art and science of survey research and public opinion is changing, both substantively and methodologically. The theme also calls attention to the significant move toward data science with regard to increased modeling of both non-probabilistic and probabilistic sources of survey data, and big data. As far as I am concerned, public opinion researchers are some of the original data scientists and moving forward we embrace modern techniques while still holding true to our mission to research and report public opinions, attitudes and behaviors. We expect the conference will be a one-stop shop of cutting edge reporting and education on our changing landscape, both in substance and method.

So please, book your travel now! Austin is not just going to be Weird, it is going to be Awesome!
Abstracts are open for AAPOR 2016 – Panels due October 15, 2015; Abstracts due November 13, 2015.
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