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Call for Executive Council Nominations

The AAPOR Executive Council Call for Nominations is coming soon! Do you know someone whose expertise and values should be represented on the AAPOR Council?  Would you personally like to play a leadership role in AAPOR? Each year we ask the AAPOR community to nominate qualified candidates for service on AAPOR’s Executive Council. Council members represent the general membership and provide leadership and oversight for AAPOR’s policies, finances and activities. 
We hope you'll give serious consideration to this opportunity. Serving on the Council is a major contribution to the profession. The AAPOR Executive Council should represent the talents and diverse perspectives of our organization. Service on the Council is a chance to make a real difference on the strategic direction of the association and progress in our field. It is simply one of the most important and rewarding things you can do in your career.
Next week we will email an online nomination form where you may submit your name and/or the names of qualified colleagues for service on the Executive Council. Completing the first part of the form is simple and should require less than five minutes of your time. Follow this link to learn more about service on the Council and specific responsibilities. If you submitted your name or nominated a colleague last year, please let us know if you or your colleague continues to be interested in being considered. Nomination forms should be completed and returned as soon as possible. The deadline is November 14, 2015.

Remembers,  AAPOR and its Chapters offer great opportunities to hone career skills. Volunteer for a committee, run for local chapter officer positions, be a mentor and get involved! The experience will pay compound dividends in terms of career development. You will get the opportunity to make new friends and contribute to our beloved association and research field. Plus it’s fun!