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Future of Telephone Surveying Task Force Call for Data

by David Dutwin, Member, Future of Telephone Surveying AAPOR Task Force Member, and Telephone Outcomes Data Analysis Coordinator and Paul J. Lavrakas, Chair, Future of Telephone Surveying AAPOR Task Force
As you may know, the AAPOR Future of Telephone Surveying Task Force is hard at work preparing a draft of its report, which we hope will be released sometime next spring. The Nonresponse Subcommittee of the Task Force is in the process of gathering data to study trends within AAPOR response rate categories for landlines and cell RDD surveys in the USA. Although there were a number of studies in the early and mid-2000s that reported trends in nonresponse, there is a void in understanding movement (if any) in these trends in the past decade. And in particular, there is very little known about these trends for cell phone surveys. 
We have requested “snapshots” of dispositions for repetitive, cross-sectional national general population studies (telephone, dual frame) from key organizations that we know execute such polls/surveys. We expect to gather data from at least a dozen tracking/repetitive studies from these requests. But of course, there are surely other organizations that conduct these types of studies that we have missed.
In an effort to solicit and gather as much data as possible, we are asking that you contact me or Paul Lavrakas if you believe you have data we could use in this analysis. Please be assured that the data that are provided will be kept completely confidential, no organization will be named in our use of the data that are provided, and only a very limited number of people on the TF will work with these data.