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Student Corner

AAPOR members enjoy many benefits! To help you make the most of your membership, we want to help you subscribe to AAPORnet. AAPORnet is AAPOR’s official listserv. AAPOR members pose questions, post items that others on the listserv might find useful, and inform others about opportunities of interest. As a student or early career professional, AAPORnet is a great resource for learning more about the field, finding out about new research that may apply to your own work, and finding answers to your questions.

Getting Started
To get started on AAPORnet, log-in to your AAPOR account at the top of the main AAPOR webpage at http://www.aapor.org. After logging in, navigate to the AAPORnet Listserv page from the member menu. On the AAPORnet Listserv page you will find the AAPORnet guidelines as well as the log-in for AAPORnet. The guidelines can help familiarize you with the type of messages members can post on AAPORnet, as well as some features of the listserv.  Logging into AAPORnet will allow you to review recent messages that AAPOR members have sent on the listserv. At the bottom of the AAPORnet Listserv page, you can access the listserv archives.

Changing Account Settings
If you click on the AAPORnet log-in, you can change your account settings; the instructions are on the AAPORnet Listserv page. Many members change their account settings to control the number of emails they receive from AAPORnet. You have many options, including receiving emails as they are sent out on the listserv to once a day to no emails at all. You can also choose to receive full messages or only the subject lines from the emails sent each day, which can help you keep on top of any interesting messages during the day.

We hope you find this information on AAPORnet useful so that you can take advantage of your AAPOR membership. If you have any questions about AAPORnet, please see the AAPORnet Listserv page after logging into your AAPOR account.