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American Association for Public Opinion Research


AAPOR believes in upholding the highest standards for our profession, with our members agreeing to abide by the AAPOR Code of Professional Ethics and Practices.

Our goals are to support sound and ethical practice in the conduct of survey and public opinion research and in the use of such research for policy- and decision-making in the public and private sectors, as well as to improve public understanding of survey and public opinion research methods and the proper use of those research results. The Code describes the obligations that we believe all research professionals have, regardless of their membership in this Association or any other, to uphold the credibility of survey and public opinion research. 

AAPOR also provides information on working with Institutional Review Boards, details best practices, various working examples, disclosure FAQs and more. Much of AAPOR's work is in developing and promoting resources that help researchers meet demanding standards. See the list to the right for other materials that may assist in your work.