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Survey Disclosure Checklist

Participation in AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative involves willingness to provide the items listed below in any reports of survey research results that are publicly released, or to make them publicly available, preferably on the organization’s web site, immediately upon release of that report. These items correspond to the first part of Section III.A of AAPOR’s Code of Professional Ethics and Practices, which was revised in April 2021.

1. Data Collection Strategy
2. Who Sponsored the Research and Who Conducted It
3. Measurement Tools/Instruments
4. Population Under Study
5. Method Used to Generate and Recruit the Sample
6. Method(s) and Mode(s) of Data Collection
7. Dates of Data Collection
8. Sample Sizes (by sampling frame if more than one frame was used) and (if applicable) Discussion of the Precision of the Results
9. How the Data Were Weighted
10. How the Data Were Processed and Procedures to Ensure Data Quality
11. A General Statement Acknowledging Limitations of the Design and Data Collection

For more detailed information on these required items for disclosure, please review the full checklist.

Approved for posting by AAPOR Council, April, 2021