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American Association for Public Opinion Research

How to Join the TI

  • Review the materials about the TI:
  • Choose one or two points of contact in your organization or subunit of your organization.
  • Select two example survey reports that adhere to the Disclosure Elements.
  • Sign the Certification Agreement, which assures that employees in your organization who are responsible for releasing public survey reports -- in addition to your points of contact -- have been educated about the TI; e.g., with these Educational Materials:
  • Submit your application materials online, including the example survey reports and certification agreement. You may need to set up an account for this step.
  • The TI will appoint two committee members to review your application, which will take about a month. If the reviewers suggest changes to your survey reports, you will get a chance to make those changes and then resubmit your reports for another review.
  • After your application is accepted, the TI committee will get in touch once a year to confirm that you still want to be a TI member. Every two years, the TI committee will request to recent reports to recertify that your organization continues to be TI-compliant.
  • If you have any questions about the application process, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions or get in touch at info@aapor.org.